We are undergoing a stage in history where it is essential to expand our frame of reference, include other views. The moment of transformation we are going through calls for respect and resposible action. It invites us to share common ground, to draw closer to comprehending the “other”, discover what is dignified in each of us and enrich ourselves in the differences. The words, colours, shapes and sounds that emerge through my name are intimately related to the need to serve in the integration process. I hope they may be for you, as they are for me, like small stones and trails left on the path, to remember the way back to the Origin.

That, which in me knows

Sacred Being which in me knows
beyond the limits of my daily mind;
that keeps the Path of the Origins
in the codes of my DNA.
Sacred Being that I Am,
that beats my heart and feeds my cells,
I beg You, listen to my prayer.
Give me the necessary strength
to deepen in the search,
to open in me the gate
of Consciousness and Compassion.
May my life be a chant of gratitude.
Give me the grace of Humility
to be able to recognize Myself,
to be able to remember
I Am That, which in me knows.

Dorina Vidoni, December 2018